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Hi, I have been making homemade smoothies with 1 cup frozen organic berries and usually a ripe banana, organic yogurt and occasionally a small squirt of honey. I blend them and make one for me and one for my husband each night. Diabetes runs in my husbands family and I was wondering if drinking the smoothies each day as the fruit requirement is healthy. Are the nutrients lost in the blending process? Does your body absorb the sugar differently in this form?Thanks for your help, Lisa

Including fruit in smoothies is a great way to get fruit in the diet. For individuals who have diabetes, the quantity of fruit consumed at one time needs to be monitored for its effect on blood sugar. Nutrients are not lost in the blending process. The rate of sugar absorption may be affected by the presence of fat, protein, and particularly fiber, all of which may help slow absorption and help avoid a rapid increase in blood sugar.   
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