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Hi! I have recently started to blend various fruits and veggies, to make consumption a little more ‘routine’. I especially have started to use spinach in smoothies. My question is : is using frozen spinach any less healthy than using fresh? Also, will having 2 smoothies a day contribute to too much daily sugar (even if I am using only bananas and other fruits)? thanks in advance NA

Great! Frozen spinach is just fine and very convenient. By blending you are using the whole fruit and not only the juice, which means that you are getting the benefit of the whole fruit including the fiber. If you are diabetic then you need to “count” the fruits as part of your carbs, but otherwise, two smoothies with only natural sugar are a healthy addition to your diet.

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  1. i use raw mushrooms with my drinks sometimes to increase the amount of fiber i consume. i consume two glasses daily,one purple and the other a reddish color,it pretty much depends on the fruits i’m using that dictates the color of my drinks.

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