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hi just wanna ask how aften vegetables and fruits shuld be serve 4 or more times a day to toddler?how about bread and cereal how many in a day?how many percent milk to be serve for infants and toddlers?a serving size of vegetable for a 6 year old is a 1 half cup?thank you very much for your help.

Ideally, a child who is 2 or 3 years old should eat a total of 2 cups of fruits and vegetables every day. Toddlers like to eat small amounts often, and so you can offer fruits and vegetables several times each day. They should have 3 ounces (servings) of breads and cereals every day. One ounce is about ½ cup of cereal or rice, or 1 slice of bread. Infants should be served whole cows milk until one year of age, and then gradually changed to 1% or skim. Yes, the serving size for a 6 year old is ½ cup. They should have 2 ½ cups of fruits and vegetables every day. You can get information on the amounts of fruits and vegetables your family should eat by clicking here.

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