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Hi, My 3 year old grandson has been troubled with reflux and asthma. I am looking for a list of foods, specifically fruits, nuts and vegetables which are alkaline versus acidic. It is hard to know which sources to trust. Can you help? He is very selective with what he will eat which may be caused by the way it makes him feel.

I am sorry that your grandson has this condition. You could use the help of a Registered Dietitian and can find one in your area by clicking here. Alkaline foods do not necessarily reduce reflux, since most of the acid that causes the pain is produced by the stomach, but citrus fruits and juices and tomatoes/sauce may worsen the situation. General recommendations for reflux include small, frequent meals so his stomach does not get very full; avoiding fatty foods like French fries, butter or margarine, fatty meats; avoiding anything that he finds irritating, perhaps including chocolate, peppermint and spices; staying upright (not lying down) for 2 hours after eating. It may also be helpful for him to drink between meals instead of with them, since this will help to keep his stomach from becoming too full.

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