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Hide the Veggies

Rather than turning our supper table into a battle ground, I would simply "hide" the unwanted vegetables.  I buy frozen mixed vegetables, put 1-2 cups in the blender, add 2-3 tbls. of water and blend to create a gray-green, smooth, semi liquid substance which can be mixed with mashed potatoes, gravy, meatloaf, tator tot hotdish, soups, salads, etc.  I always made at least one vegetable for every supper and offered them to my children (who are now great vegetable eaters), but it wasn’t a forced process, they ate them, or they didn’t. I always knew they were getting their 5 a day with out fighting about it.

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  1. I’ve been doing a similar thing as well. Instead of taking the kids to McDonalds for Chicken Nuggets, I actually made my own. I started by finely chopping up roasted veggies (This helps make it a little sweet) and then mix with bread crumbs, and obviously minced chicken. I place the mixture in a zip-lock bag, cut off the tip and pipe the mixture out onto cooking trays. Then, I bake them in the oven.

    The kids love it! And now, they eat veggies plain!

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