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Hi,Dr. pivonka. my name is nimo gelle i am 11th Grade student at evergreen high school, in Seattle W,A. this is my first year that i had to do my cluminating project on my sinior year,and my project is “eatting healthy food” and i want a field Expert to answar my questions,so please healp me Dr.pivonka. my first question is 1. what qualifies you to serve as a field expert for this projedt?2.what will i need to know in order to complete this project?3. are there any special suplies or equipment i will need to complete project?4. waht problems or challenges can i expect to encounter inthe course of this project?5.what is a reasonable budget for my project?6.suggest some topics and sources for my research?7.what made this project professional?thank you so mauch Dr. pivonka.

Because I am unsure of the exact requirements of your project, I may not be able to fully answer your questions. However, I can explain my qualifications a nutrition expert and offer suggestions for your healthy eating topic. I am a Registered Dietitian with a doctorate in food and nutrition science. As a Registered Dietitian, I have worked to advocate the benefits of fruits and vegetables to promote better health. I regularly communicate with policy makers, legislators, regulators, academia and industry about nutrition policy and programs. As a suggestion for your project, consider researching the benefits of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Information can be found on our website at
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