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Hi:I am a mother of two kids. During the pregnancy process i gained lot of weight. I have thyroid too. I am in the process of loosing weight. Could you kindly let me know which are the best fruits and veggies that can help in loose weight quickly?Thanks in advance.

Research has shown that when fruits and vegetables are included in a dietary plan with reduction in calories and fat, weight loss and weight maintenance are more consistent. One of the benefits of fruits and vegetables in the diet is that most are low in calories, and have a high water and fiber content. This makes them more filling, helping to reduce feelings of hunger. To make the most of the low calorie benefits of fruits and vegetables, watch the calories that are added through cooking and seasoning.  Low calorie preparation methods include steaming, roasting and grilling.  Use low or non fat condiments and salad dressings for seasoning.  Click here for some healthy, low calorie recipes to include in your daily diet.    


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