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Hi,I know that the recomendation is always to try to buy organic, but that is not posible always. Which products you recoment to buy always from organic store?

Organic fruits and vegetables have not been proven to be more nutritious for you than traditionally harvested fruits and vegetables. Some have expressed concern that pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables cause adverse health effects, but little evidence supports this. In fact, see just how many fruits and vegetables you would need to consume to even come close to anything that might be harmful.  Just remember that all forms—fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice—of fruits and vegetables are equally as nutritious for you and that the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables (regardless of how they are farmed) out weigh any risk of consuming fruits and vegetables grown with pesticides. Remember to wash all fruits and vegetables before consuming to remove any excess dirt or bacteria and visit our Fruit & Veggie Database for selection and storage information.
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