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HiIt is recomded to have 1lb of strawberries (just the fruit without adding anything) in lunch time when i am dieting or for the weight loss purpose.

The best approach to weight management is to eat well-balanced meals with foods from 3 or 4 different food groups, including fruits and vegetables.  An important component of weight management  is to develop good eating habits that you can maintain long-term in order to manage weight.  Eating one pound of strawberries only for lunch is not likely to be a habit that you can keep up for the long-term, and is not well-balanced. About half your food intake throughout the day should be fruits or vegetables. By all means, include one or two portions of strawberries, or other fruits and vegetables, at lunch, but include other foods as well.  You will find some healthy recipe ideas on this site to get you going. 



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