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Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy

During this holiday season, I find that the most difficult gifts to find are the ones for neighbors, teachers or someone who provides you a regular service, like your hair stylist.  You want it to be something inexpensive, but you also want it to be nice and mean something, which is usually a challenging task.


This is why I like to turn to food gifts with a homemade twist.  To start, everyone likes to eat and putting a homemade touch on the gift shows you gave it some thought.  A popular choice is to put together a homemade snack mix in a decorative jar and dress it up with ribbon.  You can even include the recipe so the recipient can make his or her own mix when the gift is gone.



Homemade granola mix

Homemade granola mix


Maybe your gift recipient likes to cook, two ideas that would be well received are flavored vinegars/oils or special seasoning mixes.  Dress up the containers and you’ve got the perfect gift idea for any chef.

Flavored vinegar

Flavored vinegar



Seasoning Rubs

Seasoning Rubs


If you’re not the cooking type or maybe you just don’t have the time to put together a recipe yourself, here’s an idea that doesn’t include cooking, but still incorporates that “homemade” feel.  Let’s say your recipient is a coffee lover.  Buy a small basket, a beautiful mug, pound of good coffee, special coffee syrups and decorate with a big bow.  You can do the same for a tea drinker or even an ice cream lover like you see in the image below.  Just get creative.  People will love the effort and interesting gift your giving them.



ice cream basket


Have any other creative gift ideas?  Use the comments section below to share!


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