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how can i find out info about children 4 and over and why they do or do not eat veggies and fruit and do there parents have any say in this problem

Children are often picky eaters, and it is sometimes not easy to get them to eat their fruits and veggies. You can find out how many fruits and veggies kids need by clicking here. Parents are a very important part of the solution! They need to offer children fruits and veggies often, and set a good example by eating fruits and veggies themselves. If kids see the rest of the family (especially parents) eating vegetables, they may be more likely to eat them as well. Here are some tips to help kids eat more fruits and veggies: Try to make trying a fruit or vegetable positive and fun, like making a face out of vegetables on pizza, pretending that broccoli are trees or cauliflower are clouds, providing a light dip or hummus for dipping veggies (or fruit). Include fruits and veggies in meals regularly so that kids get used to eating them. Take kids with you to the grocery store and have them pick one vegetable they would like to try. Try various forms of fruits and veggies: some like the crisp texture of raw; others prefer the softer texture of canned. Or some don’t like the fuzz on peaches, preferring canned instead. Let kids help in the garden and they may be more likely to eat the items that they grow. Let them help prepare vegetables. Younger kids can do something simple, like washing or chopping a fruit or veggie. Older kids may be able to help with the cooking. Start with a small bite on the plate with a favorite food, and encourage taking a taste. It sometimes it takes 5-10 trials before your child learns to like something. Encourage them to continually taste things because "taste buds may have matured" and now they might like them. See what other mothers have said about their similar challenges in our Mom2Mom section.

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