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How can I include more whole grains in my family’s diet?

Q: I like that the kids recipe for Technicolor Veggie Pizza has a lot of veggies, but shouldn’t your web site also promote using whole grains?  How about revising recipe to use whole grain bread?  Past a recipes can also use whole wheat.  Kids especially need to get into the habit of eating whole grain from a young age.

A: You’re right! Whole grains are important.  They are a cleaner source of energy for our bodies than refined grains.  Also, they’re loaded with fiber that keeps us satisfied throughout our hectic days.  Although our website focuses primarily on helping you add more fruits and vegetables to your day, we do promote and support the MyPlate recommendations for a balanced diet.   MyPlate is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recommends making at least half your grains whole.

Encouraging your family to eat whole grains is very important.  You can substitute whole grains for refined grains in just about any recipe.  From pasta to breads to muffins and pizza, incorporate whole grains into any meal!  Try our recipe featuring whole grains: Tuna Apple Salad Sandwich.

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