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How can I spruce up vegetables so my daughter will eat them?

Children sometimes prefer raw vegetables to cooked so offer both to see which she likes better at the moment. They usually like to dip, so veggies can be dipped in anything they like such as Ranch dressing, salsa, cheese sauce, light sour cream, peanut butter or applesauce. Younger children often have very sensitive tastes, so need nothing more than a little butter or salt on cooked vegetables. Older children may be more adventurous, so might like to try herbs and new flavors on cooked vegetables .Garlic, basil, tarragon, curry are some to try. The traditional cheese sauce is usually a hit. Try to offer a variety of colors and forms (fresh, frozen, canned, dried, 100% juice) since she might like the textures of some more than others. She might also be more likely to eat it if she makes it, so click here for kid-friendly recipes

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