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how can i spruce up vegetables so my daughter will eat them?

my daughter loves fruit but i have a hard time getting her to eat vegetables. i try hiding them but she always finds them. any suggestions?

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  1. Kids are more likely to eat something when they feel like they’re involved in the process. Try allowing her to pick out a veggie at the grocery store and, if she’s old enough, have her help you prepare it. She may also like to grow a veggie so she can be involved from start to finish. Peas are great for this task- they grow fast, taste sweet, and are fun to eat right out of the pod. Plus, the seeds are large enough for a kid to handle on their own. If they pick out the seed, plant it, watch it grow, water it, and pick it, they’ll be much more likely to want to eat it.

    There’s a great blog that I’ve been in love with lately that features a mother and son who are struggling with this very issue. It’s called the Great Big Veg Challenge (google it). Their solution (that they chose together- again, the child feels more involved) was to try as many veggies as possible from A-Z, trying several recipes per veggie. She has some great ideas and has made some outstanding progress with her own child.

    In the end, studies show that it takes SEVERAL exposures to a new veggie for a child to accept it. Kids are born with a taste for sweets (breast milk is on the sweet side, so sweet taste buds are helpful to a developing baby), which is why she likes fruit. Kids aren’t born with a taste for veggies, they have to learn to like them- and pushing them to eat them only makes them push back harder! Prepare veggies the way you like it, have them available at each meal, and let her see you enjoying them, but don’t force her to try it if she doesn’t want to. In time, if she can see that you enjoy it, she may want to try it too. Don’t give up- keep offering them and eventually she will respond. And don’t hide them, either- you’ll do your daughter more good by helping her learn to enjoy veggies the way they are!

    Hang in there, and good luck!

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