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How can my husband keep his blood sugar down?


Q. My husband has just been told that if he can’t get his blood sugar down with diet he will have to go on medication. He is on Warfarin blood thinner and can’t eat many greens or salads. He has lymphedema so he doesn’t get any exercise. At this point the doctor told him No Carbs. What CAN he eat? Thank you for your help. (He has been eating about 12-14 eggs a week and this can’t be good, however he doesn’t have high cholesterol)


A. Nobody should completely eliminate carbs. They key is to balance carbohydrates, fiber, fat, and proteins at eating occasions to prevent sharp peaks in blood sugar. Also, losing weight can help manage blood sugar. Given his other medications and lymphedema, I would ask your doctor to recommend a dietitian who can provide some suggestions for his individual situation. You can also find a dietitian in your area by visiting

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