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how do I get my 11 yr old to eat cooked vegetables

Getting pre-teens and teenagers to eat healthy foods can sometimes be a challenge! First and foremost-set a good example. If your 11 year old sees that the rest of the family (especially parents) are eating fruits and vegetables, they will be more likely to eat them as well. If your child does not like cooked vegetables, how about serving them raw? Raw vegetables are still great sources of all the same nutrients as cooked vegetables. Served with a low-fat dip, raw veggies are great for lunches or any-time snacks.


Including kids in cooking and shopping are two more great ways to increase their fruit and vegetable intake. Take your child along on your next trip to the grocery store and ask them to pick out two things they would like to try then involve them in the preparation of those items. It could be as simple as chopping something or as complex as trying a new recipe. They will be more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables if they had a hand in their preparation.


For more tips and ways to include your kids in the kitchen, click here.



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