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How does the nutritional value of strawberries or other fresh fruits change if they are dried?

It is true that the nutritional value of foods can change depending on the processing or preparation methods involved.  Fruit and vegetables are no different.  In the drying process of fruits, water is removed thus concentrating the natural sugars and calories.  Loss of nutrients can occur, though pretreatments in the drying process act to protect against this.   No doubt there are advantages to both fresh and dried fruit options.  While both are delicious and provide healthful nutrients and fiber, dried offers a convenience factor and a shelf life that fresh cannot.  Fresh on the other hand, provides the juiciness and thus the ability to hydrate and feel fuller on fewer calories.  Be comfortable in knowing that both are good dietary choices, and work to fit into ever-changing, busy lifestyles.  Search our website for tasty tips and suggestions for incorporating all product forms of fruits and vegetables—fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice, into your diet!

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