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how i can less weight from my thigh and hip??

Through a well-rounded exercise program in combination with calorie management, you will be more likely to see some changes in specific areas of your body. Unfortunately,  there is no guarantee that weight will be lost from a certain part of your body.  Such a program includes:


  • ‘cardio’ exercise, like brisk walking;


  • strength exercises, which would also help with toning different areas; and


  • stretching exercises to maintain flexibility. 



You may be able to find classes through local sources such as community college adult offerings, or you can consult exercise/fitness books.  A personal trainer or joining a gym are other options, although they are more expensive. To find a registered dietitian in your area, click here for the American Dietetic Association’s “Find a Nutrition Professional”.



For calorie management, keep in mind that meeting your recommendations for fruits and veggies may be helpful. They are low in calories, filling, and delicious.    



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