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How to prepare Mustard green?

To prepare mustard greens for cooking, wash well to remove any remaining grit. Then, cut the leaves away from the core and stem. The leaves can be cooked whole or they can be cut into 1-2 inch wide slices. Mustard greens can be cooked several ways – boiling, steaming, simmering or sautéing. The result you are looking for is a wilted green that is still green in color with a slightly sweet taste when you bite into it. To quick boil, add the leaves to the water, move them in the water and taste-test as they begin to wilt. To simmer, cook the leaves or slices in one inch of simmering liquid – water, broth, wine. Cooking time will depend on the age of the greens. Washed greens can also be sautéed in a small amount of oil. For seasoning, flavors that go well with mustard greens include vinegar, hot pepper sauces, garlic, chili peppers and lemon. A delicious soup that includes mustard greens can be found on this site by clicking here.

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  1. I cooked mustard greens for the first time and they came out wilted nicely, but tough to chew. I used bacon, brown sugar, vinegar and water to make a precooked syrup first, then added the mustard greens and cooked them until they were wilted. What did I do wrong?

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