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I am 15 years old If i want to only eat fruits and vegetables what portions should i eat for breakfast lunch and dinner ?

The amount of fruits and vegetables you need each day depends not only on your age, but your gender and activity level as well.  A 15 year old moderately active girl needs to eat 4-1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  A boy the same age and activity level needs 5 to 6 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. While fruits and vegetables provide many important vitamins and minerals for growing bodies, they do not provide all the nutrients needed by someone your age. A healthy diet includes foods from all food groups. Unfortunately, most people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables – aim for about half our food intake to come from fruits and vegetabls (including beans like pinto beans, chick peas, or kidney beans). For more information the food guide pyramid and a healthy, well-rounded diet, click here.



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