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i am 75 years old and i am 5ft 7in tall and weigh 194 i have started walking on the thread mill for 1 hr a day for 3.5 miles i would like to find a good meal plan

Good for you for taking an active role to better your health—you could probably be a role model for many much younger than you!  Regular physical activity and a healthy eating plan that incorporates lots of delicious fruits and vegetables are great general goals for anyone interested in staying healthy or trying to get fit. Specifics on personalizing these goals to suit you should come from a one-on-one counseling session with either a registered dietitian (RD) or your healthcare practitioner.  They can monitor your progress and offer suggestions as you work toward your personal goals.  Best of luck to you—be sure to check our website ( for lots of tips and suggestions on incorporating colorful fruits and veggies into your meal plan!



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  1. I am 75 years old. I walk every day for a little more than an hour for more than 15 years. My weight is 175 lbs. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol and I feel great. My wife is a great cook.

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