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I am 83 years old and constipated for the first time in my life. Pears have been recommended as a good fiber food. True? And what others? Should I be using an over the counter enhancer?

Pears are high in fiber, as well as a number of other fruits and vegetables, which you can see by clicking on “Fiber” in our Key nutrients section. I would recommend you speak with your physician about using over the counter products. Some general guidelines for diet and constipation are:

  • Eat a variety of both fruits and vegetables and meet recommendations for intake: Click on ‘How many cups  do you need” to see how much you should be eating each day.
  • *Eat foods whole grains such as 100% whole wheat breads, whole grain cereals (such as Shredded wheat), and unprocessed grains like brown rice, whole barley, etc.
  • *Drink plenty of fluids.
  • If possible, get physical activity such as walking.

If constipation continues to be a problem, you should discuss this with your physician.

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