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i am a preschool teacher and i was wondering if you knew of any websites which have craft ideas about eating fruit and vegies. i have had a few parents ask me to address this issue with the children and i am trying to make it a FUN thing to do!Thanks for your help

There are so many fun fruit and veggie activities to do with preschoolers! They love to help create their own snacks. A few “non-cooking” activities you could try are making a trail mix or funny faces with fruits and vegetables.



For the trail mix, set out bowls of things like whole-grain O cereals, chopped dried fruits, raisins, nuts (be sure to check for food allergies first), or even edamame  that kids can mix to make their own “trail mix”.



To make funny faces, have a variety of fresh, canned and dried fruit and vegetable items available for kids to choose from. You might want to start with a whole wheat tortilla or pita bread as the “face”, then add various fruits and vegetables for the eyes, nose, mouth and so on. Orange slices make great mouths, olives make great eyes, peapods make great eyebrows, and miniature squash would make a great nose! Use your imagination-the possibilities are endless!



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