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I am a student and need to ask some questions about fruits and vegetables for a report at school1.Which group is healthier, fruits or vegetables?2.Are dried fruit considered healthier than plain ones?3.Are cooked vegetables healthier then raw veggies?4.Are there any types of fruit and vegetables that are considered unhealthy?5.Does the ripening of a fruit affect the nutrients it gives you when you eat it?6. Are canned fruits and vegetables are as good as un-canned ones?7. Will eating to much of both groups have you gain weight?Thanks so much for answering these questions.

Both fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients that contribute to health. You can find out about dried, canned fruits and veggies and changes in ripe fruit in our Ask the Expert section by clicking here. Cooking vegetables can cause some nutrient loss, like vitamin C, depending on how they are cooked, but some cooking methods, like steaming briefly, allow most of the nutrients to be retained. Cooking can also increase the bioavailability of some nutrients, like carotenes. Eating more calories than you use causes weight gain. Fruits and veggies are lower in calories than many other foods, and their high fiber and water content contribute to a feeling of fullness which helps most people to eat less. This can contribute to weight loss.
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