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I am considering juicing as a way to improve my health and fitness in the coming new year. I have read your suggestions on how it takes the fiber out of the food. My question is would using the pulp from juicing in muffins and other similar recipes be benificial?

A juicer is a great way to get more fruits and vegetables! The great thing about fruits and vegetables is that there are so many great combinations that taste delicious! Try mixing bananas, oranges and strawberries. Add blueberries for a burst of blue or spinach for a burst of green! The great thing about spinach is that you can add a few leaves to any smoothie and you add vitamins and minerals without changing the flavor. When it comes to juicing, choose a fruit or vegetable with a strong flavor (i.e. bananas, raspberries, or oranges) that you already know and enjoy.

It is also important to consume whole fruits and vegetables (including canned or frozen) to ensure you are getting adequate fiber. (Remember that cooking fruits and veggies doesn’t reduce their fiber content.) You can try adding the pulp to different recipes, but this may disturb the texture or flavor of the recipe. This best way to get an adequate amount of fiber in your diet is to eat a variety of forms of fruits and veggies and whole

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