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i am counting calories to lose weight. do i count the calories in fruits and veggies?

Fruits and veggies do contain some calories, and should be counted as part of your total daily intake.  You will see, however, that most fruits and veggies are relatively low in calories compared to other foods so you can eat more of them, cup for cup.  In addition to being a good source of many important nutrients, they are high in fiber and water, which makes them filling, and can be very helpful for preventing feelings of hunger.  Fruits and vegetables can help manage your weight when you substitute them for foods that are higher in calories. When you are counting calories, be mindful of what you put on your salads, cooked vegetables and fruits, and count those calories as well. These added calories can add up quickly.  There are delicious, healthful recipes using fruits and veggies on this site that will help to create variety and interest.  For each recipe, the calorie count of a serving is included as well.



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