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I am looking for foods to lower my potassium level ??An not just fruits and veggies

Potassium is found in many types of meat, milk products, fruits and vegetables. If you are concerned about consuming less potassium in your diet you should chose foods that are low in potassium. Our Best of: Potassium lists fruits and vegetables that contain significant amounts of potassium and should be avoided if you are trying to lower your levels. The daily recommendation for potassium is as follows:
Amount of Potassium Needed Daily
Mg of Potassium Daily
Age Group
Adults and adolescents
Children 9-12 years old
Children 4-8 years old
Children 1-3 years old
Virtually all fruits and vegetables contain some potassium. Those fruits and vegetables considered a lower source of potassium include berries, peaches, lemons, cauliflower, lettuce, and cucumbers, to name a few. View the USDA’s complete list of the potassium content in foods. Check with a health professional before deciding to decrease your potassium intake. Many Americans do not meet the daily recommendation and have the opposite needs.
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