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I am looking for statistics on the number of servings of vegetables children are getting each day and how far this is off from what they should be getting.Thanks!Elizabeth

According to our 2010 State of the Plate Report:


Overall, children are eating 1.49 cups of fruits/veggies/day

  • Children ages 2-5 are eating 0.8 cups of fruit and 0.5 cups of veggies
  • Children ages 6-12 are eating 0.7 cups of fruit and 0.8 cups of veggies
  • Children ages 13-17 are eating 0.7 cups of fruit and 1.1 cups of veggies

Here are their recommended levels:

For children ages 2-5, fruit consumption increased by 11% and vegetable consumption grew by 3% between 2004 and 2009. Teens, however, declined from 1.84 cups to 1.76/day during that same time period.


View the complete 2010 State of the Plate Report for more statistics on fruit and vegetable trends.

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