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I am on a tight budget, but want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for my family. Do you have any tips for how I can buy fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost?

Including fruits and vegetables in your family’s meals will help keep them healthy. Remember that all forms count, so canned, frozen, dried and 100% juice are all good! Buy fruits and vegetables that are on special, and try to take advantage of canned and frozen sales to stock up. Buying from local farmers or farmers markets is an economical way to get fresh fruit in season. You can find healthy recipes for fruits and vegetables here.

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  1. I work in a produce department and I agree that it’s important to seek out the specials that are being offered each week in your local store. The nice thing about doing this is that the items that are usually on sale, for instant at this time of year that would be something like citrus, are in season items which means that you are getting the best of the fresh fruits and veggies. The reason you get the best quality fruit on special is precisely because it is in season and that means the farmers have a lot of it. So make sure to keep up on the specials each week and if the store you shop at has some kind of discount card make sure to get that and use it each time. Hopefully this will allow you to get fresh fruits and vegetables whenever you like. For some ideas about what fruits and veggies are in season and what to do with them (i.e. recipes) check out this sites section about what’s in season and my blog all about fresh fruits and vegetables. Ray a.k.a. The Produce Picker

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