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i am pregnant and cant seem to eat my 5 a day what cheap solutions do you have

During pregnancy it is important to eat a healthy diet which can sometimes be difficult with a queasy stomach. I found that I craved healthy foods when I was pregnant, but various smells or tastes can be nauseating — it all depends on the person.  If you keep in mind all of the different varieties of fruits and veggies that are available, and the fact that they come in frozen, canned, dried, 100% juice or fresh forms — you can find those that work best for you.  Fruits and veggies are some of the cheapest health insurance you can buy, and are "cheap" compared to many other foods.  The least expensive fresh items are those that are in season in the U.S., but remember that things like spaghetti sauce, frozen veggies, beans (like kidney beans or garbonzo beans), raisins or dried tomatoes, 100% orange juice or tomato juice also count and are a great value for the price.  Fruit smoothies or a broth-based vegetable soup may also be easier to tolerate. Click here to see a smoothie recipe.



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