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I am really curious about making my own baby food when I am ready to introduce my daughter to solids. I wanted to make sure that I would be making the most healthful choices and what little stomaches could handle. I was hoping to find some recipes as well; however, I wasn’t reluctant. Could you please give me some helpful hints on how to get started and foods that are safe for babies.

You can make baby food from the foods that you cook for your family. A good way to prepare your own baby food is as follows: cook the food until soft, either by steaming, boiling in a small amount of water or in the microwave. It is recommended that you do not add salt or other seasonings. Puree in the blender or food processor until absolutely smooth, adding cooking water to desired consistency. Strain. Portion into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, empty into freezer bags labeled with the item and date (double bagging reduces freezer burn). When you are ready to use the foods, thaw the cubes you need in the refrigerator or microwave. As the baby gets older you can create combinations of the foods you have prepared. Use the frozen food within a couple of months. You can make the consistency thicker as your baby gets older.

Baby food mills are also available that allow you to puree a couple of tablespoons of whatever your family is eating at the table (Google baby food mills). These are especially useful as your baby transitions to table foods.

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  1. You have to visit! This website is all you need to learn about making baby food, storing it, freezing it, what fruits & veggies are good first ones, nutrients in the fruits & veggies etc and even solid food introducing info. I LOVE it! Have fun!

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