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I am trying to get more fiber in my diet by eating more fruit. Can I get the same high fiber out of frozen rasberries/blackberries, etc. than the fresh fruits? Is this true across the board?

The process of canning or freezing fruit does not impact its fiber content. The flesh, seeds, and peeling of the fruit all contain fiber in varying amounts.  So to get the maximum amount of fiber from the fruit, don’t peel it or only drink its juice  In addition, the peeling (on apples for instance) often contains phytonutrients that are more concentrated there than in the rest of the fruit, so eating the peeling has benefits beyond simply fiber.  

The main point is, canned, frozen, dried and fresh fruits are a very important part of a balanced diet and all offer varying amounts of fiber. For more information on the different forms of fruits and vegetables, check out our All Forms of Fruits and Vegetables Matter section.

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  1. I think home freezing of fruit that you plan to use later is a fabulous idea. I just wonder though if fruits like cantalope and watermelon, when thawed, will be firm enough to eat “as is”, or must they be used in a recipe because they are too soft and/or “mushy”?

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