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I am trying to lose weight and miss snacking on things like chips, etc. I found some VEGGIE CHIPS (taro root, sweet potatoes and parsnip) Are these more nutrional than chips?

I would have to know the ingredients in your "veggie chips" to determine if they are healthier than regular chips. Compare the nutrition facts label that is listed on the package of each of these products.  If you are trying to lose weight, total calories is what you need to watch.  Off-hand, if all of these chips are fried, they are probably fairly similar to one another in terms of calories, although the sweet potato chips would be the most nutritious of those you mentioned.

If you tried BAKED veggie chips, these would be better. Depending on the manufacturer, some brands are more nutritious than others. Visit our Understanding Food Labels section to learn how to select the most nutritious options. As far as learning how to snack healthy, try these Top 10 Snacks. Fruits and veggies are low calorie ways to promote weight loss but still cater to your snack cravings!

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