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I changed my diet pretty drastically about 6 weeks ago. I went from eating 1 serving of veggies every 2-3 days to getting 5 servings of veggies daily and 3 servings of fruits. Suddenly, this week, I have uncomfortable stomach cramping and gas. Other than that, the diet change has left me feeling much more energetic and I’ve been migraine free for 19 days (after having 1-3 migraines a week without fail for the last 4 years). Since I’m 6 weeks in, I don’t want to cut back while my digestive tract gets used to my new diet. How long should I expect this to last?

First of all, keep up the great work! I am glad that you have seen a noticeable difference in your energy level and have experienced fewer migraines! Sometimes people do experience some bloating as they get used to a higher fiber diet. Consuming an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables supports a healthy GI tract, but talk to your physician if you have continued discomfort. Best wishes as you continue to meet your daily recommendation and take our MyPlate Makeover Challenge—you could win a $100 grocery gift card to celebrate all of your hard work!

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