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I come from Europe. One year ago I recovered from acute pancreatitis. I figured out my diets (made of fresh fruits, cooked vegetables, nothing grilled or fried and mostly with no spices).I am feeling completely alright since. But now I am about to visit USA-Vegas and I am desperate to find enough info on dining-options, facilities, grocery stores, shopping possibilities, appropriate foodstuffs which I all had to figure out back home. Thank you in advance.

It’s great that you worked out your diet and are feeling well now. Many of the same things that you are doing now will apply when you come here. For instance, avoiding fried foods and high fat foods, eating low fat foods, and eating fruits and vegetables. In terms of shopping in grocery stores, you can find information about selecting canned and frozen foods that are low in fat at There will likely be many options for you for dining out. When dining out, you can ask questions about how a food is prepared. Many restaurants, if they are able, will honor requests to prepare a food in a different way, omit cheese, serve sauces on the side or without added fat, and may even prepare a food for you in a way that is not on the menu. Don’t hesitate to ask. You can find more information about Las Vegas, restaurants, shopping etc. in the visitor section at Have a great trip.

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