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I don’t like red meat so i really need to eat stuff that high in Iron.. so i just wondering will its lose any percentage of MG if i cook my food.. etc i can’t eat spinach raw becoz it taste funny.. so i make soup out of it.. will it be o.k?

I am assuming that you are asking if the cooking process decreases the amount of milligrams of iron in food. The cooking process can alter the nutrient content of fruits and vegetables slightly. Cooking can decrease some nutrients, but increase the availability of other beneficial compounds in fruits and vegetables. Iron is generally stable during cooking, however. 

The difference in the nutrient content between fresh, frozen, steamed, boiled, etc. is generally minimal. The most important thing is that you are consuming your fruits and vegetables. If you find a way that you enjoy a fruit or vegetable, prepare it that way (I would try and avoid smothering them in butter or other creamy sauces for other health reasons)! You should enjoy what you are eating!

As for vegetables that are high in iron you could try broccoli, spinach, asparagus, collard greens, kale, cabbage, watercress, all types of beans, and brussel sprouts. Since you mentioned you like soup, check out this  Minestrone Soup recipe. This recipe contains garbanzo beans, spinach, and other mixed vegetables that will provide a sufficient amount of iron in one simple recipe.

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