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I have 2 cucumbers that are 6 months old but look and feel he same as they did when I picked them. How is this possible?


Q.I have 2 cucumbers that have been sitting on a plastic shelf in my kitchen for 6 ( six plus ) months. They look and feel, nearly the same as they did when I picked them. My question is ”how is this possible?” more info:while the plants were growing, I had to go away for a week and when I returned, the plants had died due to lackk of water. I had 2 cucumbers that were just starting to turn green so I picked them and took them into the kitchen. (I was kinda thinking maybe they would continue to ripen as tomatoes do) After a couple of weeks I noticed that there wasn’t any noticible change, so I decided to just let them sit.Several more weeks passed and still no cchange. I decided I would let them sit there tilll they either ripened or rotted. Now here I am 6 months (or more) later and still have what appears to be ”good” cucumbers. I am a little confused and am now thinking someone might be interested in this so have not done anything with them, other then pick them up and look at them and set them back down. One of them is starting to get a small black spot near one end, and one is starting to form a slight brown area that is dry and almost looks like thin tree bark (for lack of exact terminology) Any ideas?Thanks


A. I can’t even imagine! A month maybe, but not 6 months! If you remember where you purchased the cucumber, ask who their cucumber supplier is and contact them directly. In the meantime, check out our Cucumber Storage. Selection. Nutrition.

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