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I have a 3 year old who refuses to eat any veggies or fruit. His diet consists of (and very little) pasta, tater tots, chicken nuggets, salsbury steak, some cheeses, popcicles,crackers, popcorn, sausage pizza and garlic bread. He has a very sensitive smell and everything smells bad to him (which doesn’t add up with galic bread). He will drink milk, water, and the V-8 juice with veggies and fruit, but not on a regular basis. He might pull out 8 to 16 oz a week. Should I be concerned because his diet is loaded with the “bad white starches” and has been since he has been old enough to eat real foods.Would a multi-vitamin be something he should have daily.

Children can be very hard to feed! If your son is growing normally, and has plenty of energy to play and learn, he is probably getting what he needs. Remember that he learns primarily by example, so if you consume more whole grain foods, he may eventually be persuaded to do the same. Research has shown that children often have to be offered a new food up to 15 times before they will taste it! It is best to check with your doctor on providing a multivitamin for your son. Click here for suggestions from our Frequently Asked Questions on how to help picky eaters.

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