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I have a 5 yr old and 2 yr old, many times they will not eat what I cook. I have tried putting foil on it and saving it for later, the 5 yr old says she will just wait until it goes bad. The 2 yr old will not try anything, even things she’s had before, like spaghetti. Please help!

It is fairly common for children to dislike new foods. It often takes repeated exposure to a new food for the child to readily eat it. When introducing new foods to your children, be sure to include another food at the meal that the children enjoy. Introduce each new food one at a time and in a small portion, to avoid overwhelming them. Make sure meal time is relaxed and fun – allow your children to play with and enjoy their food. Consider making the new foods into shapes using cookie cutters to make them more appealing and interesting. Another suggestion to encourage your children to eat – get them involved in food preparation! Ask your child to stir and serve foods, or count out foods like carrot sticks or apple slices. And don’t worry – children tend to become less picky about food as they grow older. See our Frequently Asked Questions for other tips.
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