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I have a difficult time controling my bad ( a genetic problem) cholesterol even on my meds. What foods should I only absolutely eat and then avoid all the other foods. A funny thing but the medical profession is not so quick to offer much definative advice, just meds and walk on to next patient..I am late 70’s and on medicare which is probably why, but I’d like to enjoy life awhile longer with my family and friends. So how do I eat for a difficult to control cholesterol (I have hardening of the arteries. need better and stricter diet advice. Thank you

It’s great that you are interested in reducing your cholesterol with diet. The bottom line is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods. You can eat more fruits and vegetables by including them at every eating occasion, and making your plate half fruits and vegetables at each meal. The main sources of fatty foods in the US diet include red meat, full-fat dairy products including cheese, fried foods and baked goods. It would be helpful if you ate less of these foods. The National Institutes of Health has published the Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Diet which has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels as well as some statin drugs if followed closely. You can access it here. You might also consider seeking the services of a Registered Dietitian and can find one by clicking here. Good luck!

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