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I have heard to get a balance grouping of fruits and vegetables a person could divide them up by color. What are th color groups and how does it work?Thanks

Fruits and vegetables come in a wide variety of beautiful colors. Eating a variety of colors every day provides the broadest range of nutrients. Different nutrients are associated with different colors-vitamin A with yellow and orange for example. Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables in the context of an overall healthy diet is what is important. Try varying the types of fruits and vegetables you eat. If you are an apple a day kind of person, great! But don’t forget about leafy greens, citrus fruits and the over 200+ varieties of delicious fruits and vegetables. From our own research, people are lowest in getting blue-purple fruits and vegetables. As a general rule, make about half your plate colorful fruits and vegetables.

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  1. I received a b/w copy of an old brochure (2005) of the “5 a day the color way.” Do you continue to publish this? I could not find it on the website. thanks m

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