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I have read that microwave cooking alters the structure of food in different ways than cooking conventionally. The use of microwave ovens has been restricted in Russia because of the following: Normally when one receives blood in a transfusion it is first warmed to body temperature in a warm water bath. A health worker in Russia decided to “modernize” the process by warming the blood to body temperature through the use of a microwaveoven. Once this microwave warmed blood was transfused into the patient, she quickly died as a result. The microwaved blood did not exceed body temperature in the warming process. What happened is that the blood cell’s molecular structure was altered in form so that the body could not “recognize” it. It’s as if it became a totally foreign substance the body could not use. When microwaves are used to heat food, the molecular, magnetic dipole moments of the molecules react by rotating within the electromagnetic field. Normal heating of food just cause the molecules to bounce around and heat up. However, the use of “microwave” heating makes each molecule “spin” around its axis instead of bounce…This causes it to heat as well, but it also causes extreme stress on the structure of the molecule so that it alters it’s ability to interact with other molecules as originally structured. The sheer centrifugal force of the molecular spinning process induced by microwaves literally “re-configures” the organic molecules into new forms that are difficult for the body to digest and use. Studies show that once a person begins eating more and more microwaved foods, their level of obesity increases in the same proportion.

We aren’t aware of any such issue with microwaves. Also the multitude of human studies supporting the health benefits of fruits and vegetables do not differentiate between raw vs cooked fruits and vegetables What we do know is that eating an abundant variety of fruits and vegetables instead of less nutritious food is beneficial to health. Top 10 Reasons to Eat MORE Fruits and Veggies!

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