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I have started some of my veggies in the starter kit from walmart. My plants are about 3 inches tall and are a little floppy in the pods they are growing from. Do I need to add more soil? What do you suggest?? Help lol

You are one step ahead of me!  I just bought my starter kits last night. I’ve found in past years that only having one or two veggies per pot will help the root structure (they aren’t competing against each other that way.) Added soil may also help as you suggest. You might also try removing part of the very top (pinch it back) to keep it from getting too spindly. Depending on the weather where you are, it may be time to start to “harden” them outside. This is setting them outside for an hour or two a day to get them used to being outdoors. But be careful, this is where I lose them if I’m going to lose them…. it can’t be too windy or too cold. Check out our gardening How-To Guide for all of your gardening questions and sign up for our gardening reminder emails to keep your gardening progressing through out the season!
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