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I live in California. When I first discovered Fuji’s, almost 20 years ago, the quality was fantastic just as the red delicious was when I was a child back in the 60’s. First they ruined the Red Delicious making it for the most part inedible. It seems agribusiness has come close to ruining the Fuji as well. Why has the quality deteriorated so in recent years?

Many different factors can affect the quality of produce that you buy including weather, season, ripeness, storage conditions, storage time or a combination of these. Click here for tips on selection and storage of fruits and vegetables.

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  1. That would be because our food has become so industrialized. Fruits and vegetables are bred for durability not taste. In many cases today, our produce travels a long distance (which takes time). They want produce to last until it gets to the store and then for the time it sits until purchase. We need to change our food system so that it is more local. The only problem with that, is that it will mean eating foods in season (no tomatoes in December) and cutting out (or cutting back) on some foods that don’t grow in your region.

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