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i need help with shopping and cooking healthy for my family. can you help me find some one in my city? i live in rochester ny. thank you

You may find all the help you need right here on the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters website!  There are loads of great-tasting, healthy recipes along with tips on cooking and shopping—I would suggest that you start there.  Incorporating lots of delicious fruits and veggies into your family’s meals and snacks is a great first step to helping them be at their best.  Don’t be shy…you can also hop on our Mom-to-Mom message board and get even more ideas from moms “in the field”—just like you !
If after doing these things, you find you still want or need more structured help, then try the American Dietetic Association.  They offer a service called “Find A Nutrition Professional”   Here, you can search for registered dietitians in your specific area who can help you with additional suggestions and ideas for healthy cooking.  Good luck to you!

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