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I need to do a video of 3 minutes for kids to catch the attention to eat more fruits is any way you can help me to cath the attention of the kidsthks

First of all, you need to do some research on what your target age is interested in right now and what they are capable to understanding. If you know anyone who has kids of this age group or teaches this age group, they are usually some of the best people to ask. Next, you need to make the video ‘spunky’ with different things to keep their attention. This could include bright colors, music, etc. Since it is only 3 minutes, pick one aspect of fruits and vegetables that you want to talk about. Use our website as a resource—especially the kids area. If you try and teach them a lot of information in 3 minutes, they will get overwhelmed. Also, make sure that the content in your video is appropriate to their learning level. I would not talk about calories with younger children. Instead I would focus on relating how fruits and vegetables are important to things they do everyday. For example, phrases such as, “an orange can give you the energy to run ¾ of a mile,” are easy for them to understand and relate. Also, what I have found to work the best with children is making everything I am teaching them as interactive as possible. You can still do this with a video (think of blue’s clues on Nickelodeon). I hope this helps!
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