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I planted my collard greens in the early part of april and they are not that big and lot of yellow leaves that keep falling off. I planted them in Miracle grow soil and watered them with the micracle grow fertilizer, am I giving them to much fertilizer seeing that they are planted in the micrale grow soil?

There are three possible reasons why your collard greens might not be growing :
  • Too much or too little direct sunlight—collard greens needs 4-6 hours of direct sunlight but also doesn’t like excessive heat
  • Too much water—collard greens should only be watered when the soil is completely dry
  • Too much fertilizer—watering with Miracle Gro fertilizer is okay, but only once a month is necessary (not with each water).
I hope this helps! Try collard greens in our Spicy Collard Greens or Okra & Greens recipes! or recipes!
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