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I saw this great “wheel” that showed fruits on one side, veggies on the other, with info about each. Do you know where I could get more of those?

The wheel you are referring to is our Fruits & Veggies Produce Wheel. The Fruits & Veggies Produce Wheel contains selection, storage and nutritional information for 25 of the most popular fruits and veggies! Check out our produce wheel as well as other useful materials in our catalog.
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  1. It would help to know where you live. I’m in central/northern Minnesota, so I have a short grnwiog season.For tomatoes, Early Girl is an easy one that is very reliable disease free with good yields decent flavor. It is a large tomato, though, as are most varieties. Don’t bother with those store bought cages, they are too small. Look for a very large, heavy duty cage, or go online for instructions on how to build a cage. My favorite tomato is brandywine, but it is a huge plant the fruit do crack. But omg, it is the best tasting tomato ever!Beans are great! If you keep them picked, they will yield for a long time.I try to grow veggies that are more expensive to buy. In my area, potatoes are really cheap because there are farms all over the place, so I just buy those. Same thing with onions no farms around here, but I can get them cheap. Carrots too. Expensive veggies are tomatoes, peppers, herbs, beans, snap peas etc. Also, home grown tomatoes taste sooo much better than store bought. A lot of people who aren’t really into gardening will grow tomatoes just because of that.If your garden is small, skip corn, squash pumpkins.They are space hogs.Trellis your cukes you won’t miss picking any, and they seem to yield a week earlier. We trellis our tomatoes too our melons beans peas, but it does get to be a lot.All veggies are good for you. When you pick them fresh, they have more vitamins than when you buy fresh at the store. Store bought frozen produce has more vitamins than their fresh stuff does, for the most part.

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