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i used to drink cows milk when i was younger but for the passed two years ive only drank soymilk but i still take calcium vitamins to make up for the calcium lost. is this the right approch?

Your daily calcium requirements depend on your age and sex.  The amount of calcium you obtain from soy milk varies depending on the brand, whether it was fortified with calcium and how much you drink.  Additionally, the total amount of calcium you get from foods each day will be affected by what other foods you eat that might contain calcium – other dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt,  and certain fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, dark green veggies, and fortified orange juice.  At the website, you can enter your food intake and feedback will be provided as well as links to nutrient databases.  A registered dietitian can also assess your diet and provide guidance.  For a registered dietitian in your area, go to




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