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I want to know about rice, for example; what rice is best to eeat and least good to eat? like jasmine rice brown rice…

When eating rice or any grain product select “whole grain” choices. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans you want to make half of the grains you eat each day whole grains. Therefore, whenever possible select products that have the word “whole” before the first ingredient on the ingredient list. This list is usually located underneath the food label. The reason whole grain products are much healthier for you is because they are less processed and they tend to have a higher fiber content than white (enriched) grains. Fiber has many health benefits to the body, they include:
    1. GI tract function: Fiber ads to the bulk of waste from your GI tract which stimulates intestinal muscles. This prevents diverticulitis (a disorder of the GI tract).
    2. Weight control: Fiber keeps your stomach feeling fuller for longer which aids in weight maintenance.
    3. Blood glucose: Soluble fiber (found in fruits and vegetables in general, soybeans, and rice bran) slows glucose absorption from the small intestine which can contribute to a better blood glucose regulation.
    4. Cholesterol: Soluble fiber inhibits absorption of cholesterol and bile acid from the small intestines, thereby reducing blood cholesterol and possibly reducing risk of cardiovascular diseases and gallstones.
Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of fiber! Check out our Best of: Fiber page to see what fruits and vegetables are considered good and excellent sources of fiber.
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